Kat + Jon

I've known Kat for almost 5 years now, and when she asked me to take her wedding pictures, there was no doubt in my mind that it would be a blast to be a part of. We've been on trips going kayaking, riding rollercoasters at Six Flags, and just straight up getting into shenanigans anytime we could so I knew that whoever she was going to marry was in for a wild ride.

I got introduced to Jon a few years back, and I could instantly see that they were crazy for each other. You know a relationship is going to last when someone has already had children with a previous partner but you accept their kids as your own, and that's exactly how Kat felt with Jon's girls.

Kat came to me with this idea that they were going to split their ceremony and reception into two days, and I thought it was very unconventional and strange, but it's actually kind of genius. I highly recommend doing this if you can. The main reason why she wanted to do this was because their 4 year anniversary is today, so they wanted to celebrate it by getting married on the same day (so sweet).

The pictures below are the first part of their wedding set where they got married at Ben Burton Park, and tomorrow I will be uploading part of the reception coverage from The Graduate.